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American university online degrees admissions dates

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If you choose the online application, there is no need for you to enter this information. The recommender cannot be a friend or family member. Can I transfer any courses from this program to other universities? If you choose the email or hardcopy versions we recommend you complete this information. Visa and Housing Updated: The table below outlines the program-specific standardized test target score requirements for admission at AUA: All course work must be completed within the specific time frame for the particular course. What are the Graduate General Admissions requirements? In rare cases, you may bring a recommendation letter in hard copy enclosed in a sealed envelope, to the Office of Admissions on behalf of your recommender. Will I receive confirmation once my recommender submits my recommendation letter? How do I pay my application fee? Check back soon for more information on the application launch dates for both the Spring and Fall admission cycles. The anticipated Fall deadline dates are as follows: How many recommendation letters should I submit?

American university online degrees admissions dates

Decisions made by the Graduate Admissions Committee cannot be appealed. How quickly can I get my degree? Most graduate programs at AUA require two academic years of full-time study to complete. While applicants must meet the Graduate Admissions General Admissions requirements as well as the Program-Specific Admissions requirements, meeting both does not in itself guarantee admission. If for some reason there is a delay in receiving your 10 year residency status, please contact the Office of the Registrar to inquire about the possibility of reassessing your tuition. Each course is either 8 or 11 weeks long. How should I apply to a graduate program at AUA? The transfer of course work is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by universities. All courses, whether online or face-to-face, have a syllabus identifying all information that will be covered throughout the class. If any deadline date falls on a non-working date, the deadline will be moved to the following working day. Satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement. Is National American University accredited? Visa and Housing Updated: Does AUA offer any online courses? Is there a specific date when I must submit my application? What is the language of instruction at AUA? If I retake an exam after the deadline date, will my new score be considered? Applicants must ensure that valid test scores are reported electronically to AUA directly by the testing service on or by the published deadline date to which they are applying. The dormitory also offers high speed WiFi access. To find out more about tuition and fees, contact a location near you today. For more information, applicants are encouraged to review http: If you fail to complete your application by the rolling admissions deadline date, the Office of Admissions will update your application status to ineligible. If you choose the email or hardcopy versions we recommend you complete this information. Programs do vary by campus; click here to learn about program availability by campus. AUA offers the following graduate degrees: Such individuals are defined as non-degree students. Before you reapply, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with our reapplication policies to make sure you meet all the application requirements.

American university online degrees admissions dates

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