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Companies validating a businesspersons credentials us

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For more information, obtain the brochure Canadian Performers: This will assist in your inspection by U. You cannot apply for an I before seeking temporary entry into the United States. To determine the specific requirements for your country, please contact the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy. Extensions allow executive and manager transferees to work in the U. Specialty occupations H1-B If you do not qualify under the temporary entry provision into the United States, you may still qualify under existing immigration regulations. Parent means a firm, corporation or other legal entity which has subsidiaries. If you take the imported goods back into Canada, and they are in the same condition as they were when exported, you can file for a drawback that will reimburse you for the taxes and duties you paid. There is no written application, and no prior petition, labour certification or prior approval required for Canadians applying for admission to the U. Entering by water To enter the U. To apply as a Trader or Investor in the U. Documentation required for entering the United States The basic requirements for entry into theU.

Companies validating a businesspersons credentials us

It divides into two groups of professions, with those in Group 2 subject to additional requirements and restrictions. Professionals If you are a professional working in a specified area of expertise and are seeking short-term admission up to three months to Canada to provide a pre-arranged service, you may qualify under the GATS professional category. Failure to comply with these conditions means that you forfeit the bond. Investors category applies to business persons who intend to establish, develop, administer or provide consulting or technical services to manage an investment to which foreign capital has been, or is in the process of being, committed. However, consider the following examples of C-suite executives and those with similar responsibilities caught lying on their resumes. According to Career Builder , the following are the most common resume lies: If you require a visitor visa you must apply at a visa office. Before beginning your trip, check for updated information on these requirements through the Canada Border Services Agency website at www. The letter should include: These categories are discussed in Section 2. To qualify, your prospective U. If a candidate is lying on her resume, what will she do if she gets the job? It is valid for one year and you can use it for as many trips as you wish during that period. You may save yourself a good deal of time, money and frustration by doing so. Branch is an operating division or office of the same organization housed in a different location. To qualify as a specialist, you must have advanced or specialized knowledge that is not readily available in Canada regarding the company's product, service, research equipment, techniques or management. Under the B-1 classification, you can remain in the U. Specialty occupations H1-B If you do not qualify under the temporary entry provision into the United States, you may still qualify under existing immigration regulations. Your position in both the Canadian and foreign locations must meet the definitions in the accompanying box. This requirement applies to all travellers, regardless of age and including children. Managers direct the company or one of its departments or subdivisions; supervise the work of other supervisory, professional or managerial employees; have discretionary control of the company's daily affairs and can make employment decisions. Relations website; refer to www. Intra-Company Transferees This category permits foreign-based companies to transfer certain key personnel to their Canada-based operations to conduct specified duties for a limited period of time. First-line supervisors are considered to be acting in a managerial capacity if they are supervising professional employees. The purpose of this category is to support Canada's commitment to allow service providers in some sectors to establish a commercial presence in Canada. As an executive or manager, you would not normally occupy a position in which you deliver a service. If you do not require a visitor visa and are granted entry at a port of entry subject to certain terms and conditions, however, you will be issued a visitor record.

Companies validating a businesspersons credentials us

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