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Constantly updating weather radar

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The widget stopped working, obviously, on Oct 2. This product will not display accumulated precipitation more distant than nm, even though precipitation may be occurring at greater distances. Therefore, clear air mode will often be used for the detection of light snow. Storm Total Precipitation This image is of estimated accumulated rainfall, continuously updated, since the last one-hour break in precipitation. It is now Oct 8 and the issue has not been resolved. Thank you, in advance. Both precipitation VCP's begin like the clear air mode mentioned above with the same evaluations scans as in the clear air mode. The radar continuously scans the atmosphere by completing volume coverage patterns VCP. The "4-day" forecast shows the current temperature for Oct 2 and empty blocks at the bottom where the next four days should be listed. Image updates are based upon the operation mode of the radar at the time the image is generated. Differences in the quality of radar images between the two precipitation mode VCPs are relatively minor. In clear air mode, the complete scan of the atmosphere takes about 10 minutes at 5 different elevation angles. Thank you for your help!

Constantly updating weather radar

Also, snow does not reflect energy sent from the radar very well. The maximum range of the "short range" S Rng base reflectivity product is nm about miles from the radar location. The time it takes to complete the entire volume scan is also less. For one of the clear air mode VCPs, two full sweeps are also made at 2. Our warning meteorologists are looking at new products continuously, and at several different levels in the atmosphere. Meteorologists at the NWS have access to many more products than those available on the internet. This is when the meteorologists switch the radar to precipitation mode using one of two volume coverage patterns. How often are the images updated? Base Reflectivity This is a display of echo intensity reflectivity measured in dBZ decibels of Z, where Z represents the energy reflected back to the radar. On the "Hourly" tab, it states that it is unable to display any data and to refresh. So, a more convenient number for calculations and comparison, a decibel or logarithmic scale dBZ , is used. A lot of what you will see in clear air mode will be airborne dust and particulate matter. The maximum range of this product is nm about miles from the radar location. I would be truly appreciative and willing to try anything else. The "blocky" appearance of this product is due to its lower spatial resolution on a 2. To determine if precipitation is occurring at greater distances link to an adjacent radar or link to the National Reflectivity Mosaic. However, the maximum range is reduced to nm about miles from the radar location. It has one-fourth the resolution of the Base Reflectivity and one-half the resolution of the Precipitation products. In the faster VCP, the radar completes 14 different elevation scans in five minutes. This mode has the slowest antenna rotation rate which permits the radar to sample a given volume of the atmosphere longer. In clear air mode, the complete scan of the atmosphere takes about 10 minutes at 5 different elevation angles. I noticed October 3rd that it no longer updated. It still says October 2, with that day's high and low temperatures. The widget stopped working, obviously, on Oct 2. It also has at the bottom of each screen a refresh symbol and Sept 24, - whatever that indicates. Because of this fact, special care must be taken interpreting this product.

Constantly updating weather radar

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