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Dating antiques by hardware

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Cleaning Hardware First determine the metal. Rub until the marks have disappeared. Silicone will go though lacquer and many other finishes and lodge permanently in the wood. All you should have to do is: Many old pieces used a hyde glue that when it gets wet it will re-activate it so make sure you slip glue in deep to help wet it and tack down all the loose venneer. We can sometimes repair them but would need to have it here to do that. Although we may know the value or approximate year of manufacture for any general item, we're sorry, we can't tell you the history on your item. How do we Remove Water Marks? Also, clearly visible scribe marks and saw or chisel overcuts frequently remain on the wood. How do we measure registers? If you have the big round hole, you can plug the hole in the face with wood, then re-drill for the old set. Can I salvage my original finish on my furniture? When we were refinishing furniture we found a nice finish that feels nice like Lacquer and has all the benefits of polyureathane without feeling too "Plastic". Chisel out shallow for the face-plate to seat flush with the edge of the door. Square Register Grates 8. There are pros and cons of each, but all three work.

Dating antiques by hardware

This may be enough to get it looking good? Steel and iron are sometimes interchanged. How do I fix Loose Veneer? This is where you can determine the length left for the wood screw side so it does not go all the way through. Bed Hooks If you do not see your hook, please send a picture with measurements. On the other hand, machine-cut dovetails definitely establish that the furniture is no older than about , when the dovetail-cutting machine was invented. What is a good final finish to use? Following is a link to the square and rectangular registers, from there you can get a link to round registers and fireplace fronts. Essentially the lead paint is probably no more dangerous than the paint stripper is, none is good for you. If you have any questions before you start, feel free to email or call. Adding Carbon makes the iron harder. If have any further questions feel free to ask. Vinegar is by far the cheapest. Use wax paper under the blocks when you clamp it keeps the blocks from sticking. A register that fits into a 9x12 hole is usually 11x14 up to 12x15 OD outside dimension. Some very old year old pieces are more difficult to find original hardware for but we have some. Many people react to mold by getting tired and even depressed. Joinery Three clearly distinct drawer joints have been used on quality furniture: Dummy Knob Spindles can be made easily by using a "hanger bolt" wood screw on one side and threaded for a nut on the other. Let's start with where they come from. It is impossible to completely remove this without destroying your furniture as it goes deep into the pores. How do we Remove a Musty Smell? We can sometimes repair them but would need to have it here to do that. How do we Remove Dent From Wood? A lot depends on what you want to end up with, super bright or just cleaned a little.

Dating antiques by hardware

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