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Dating craftsman hand tools

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Williams in the s see patent 2,, and is not known to have been used by any other manufacturers. The pliers are stamped with the Craftsman double-line logo near the pivot, with a forged-in "P" code on the underside of the handles. The design of the pliers resembles the Wilde Wrench Pliers shown on another page. The pliers are stamped with the Craftsman double-line logo on the handle, with "Forged in U. It takes the prices, runs them through the Department Of Labor Inflation Calculator, and compares them to the prices of the same or similar items today. One construction detail noted is that the screw pin is threaded on the outside slotted end, the type of pin generally used by Danielson and Utica. This process would have taken place in the late WWII and early post-war period, when limitations on tool sales to consumers were being lifted. The finish is chrome plating, with minor losses due to rust and wear. The pliers are also marked with a forged-in "P" code on the underside of the handles not shown. Craftsman Power Tool Work Stands Warranty Service To obtain the warranty coverage stated below, return a defective product with proof of sale to the retailer from which it was purchased. The head thickness was measured at 0. The catalog notes the advantage of the adjustment mechanism in preventing accidental changes of the setting. The shank also has a forged-in "B" code near the head. The finish is plain steel with traces of plating, possibly zinc or cadmium.

Dating craftsman hand tools

The manufacturer associated with the "G-Circle" code is not yet known. Craftsman Snap-Ring Pliers Fig. These examples provide evidence that Craftsman model number markings were added in the time frame. Later tappet wrenches weren't made with raised panels, so they continued to use the older face marking. The first patent 3,, was filed by H. Note though that the model number marking on these pliers is unusual for this era. The Japanese maker associated with the "BF" code has not yet been identified. By the Craftsman tool catalogs had illustrations of these tongue-and-groove pliers with the rope-banded gripping pattern. Late s to Early s. If purchase was at Sears or Kmart, return the product with proof of sale to the retailer from which it was purchased. The reverse panel is also stamped with a "Patent Pending" patent notice. The examples found so far can be attributed to two different manufacturers, but this raises the question of whether additional manufacturers might have participated. Other calculations from to work out interesting as well. We believe that these examples are highly significant, as they prove that Sears had contracted with multiple makers in the early part of the modern era, before selecting "Maker V" as the primary contractor. The construction of the wrench uses symmetrical stamped steel formed panels held together by rivets. The pliers are stamped with the Craftsman double-line logo near the pivot, with a P-Circle logo below. Although this wrench is very similar to the other "V" series examples, no manufacturer's marking was found. Sears Brand Tools In more recent years Sears has used its own name for a line of economy tools, similar to the Dunlap tools of earlier years. Check product package or instructions for precise length of coverage. The handle pattern closely resembles the "Nested Diamonds" pattern found on many Craftsman Vanadium pliers. A review of the Craftsman catalogs found that the pliers were first listed in under the Dunlap brand, and then offered in under the Craftsman brand. The Craftsman tool catalog illustrations show that this "Nested Diamonds" gripping pattern remained in use on some pliers into the s, but the tongue-and-groove models had switched to the rope-banded pattern by This is the classic patent for the quick-release mechanism. Hand Tools Craftsman has always been popular for their tool sets. Quick-Release Ratchets In Sears began offering Craftsman ratchets with a convenient quick-release button, based on a design described by patent 3,, , filed by P. Model battery pliers in this angle-nose style were listed in the Craftsman tool catalog, and this model continued to be offered through the catalog.

Dating craftsman hand tools

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