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Dating in my 40s

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You are more confident, in a different stage of life, and have a lot more experience under your belt. Seeing themselves through fresh eyes — through the eyes of another, after 40 — can give them a new perspective and change their entire understanding of life. This means you have to know who you are and be confident in yourself. That means asking probing questions and knowing how to decipher the answers. For some, this means sliding into a jaded, cynical place and seeing dating as a cruel life joke like still getting acne in your 40s You see and know what you deserve. But, there are some perks to navigating the dating field at this stage in life: But you likely have moved past the messy, surface stuff that defines dating in your youth. There are a lot of fish in the sea; don't settle for one who won't help you be the best version of you. So, usually they want to enjoy life with a partner, and travel, etc. But you also want to be mindful of how you voice what you want, so as not to scare off a prospective partner. Avoid saying these words on a first date too: Flip over the card. I didn't think so! You are all grown up Shutterstock By the time you are 40, you're a bona fide grown-up. Most "adults" I knew, like my older brother and cousins, were hitched by 27, so my theory made sense.

Dating in my 40s

Build up your social circle to meet more people Find out the online dating opening lines that are sure to land you a date. It's now three pages long! The superficialness has faded. But looking for love after 40 comes with its own unique joys and challenges. But I have sadly discovered that dating in my forties is rife with all the same dilemmas as my previous decades. Meet them relatively quickly 9. There's a right place and a right time for everything. Stay safe and meet in a public space, but prioritise doing this early on in the dating process. Sometimes true love comes via an online dating site; sometimes it comes from a chance meeting at a coffee shop; sometimes it happens when you're out dancing with your friends at a gay bar, trying to avoid men for a night. But don't dive into it without having a plan. When seeking a new mate, you have way more responsibilities and things that demand your attention at this stage than when you were in college or just graduating. My first relationship post-divorce was with a man who found me on Facebook. Watching my friends interact on online dating sites made me realize that dating can become a full-time job, if you let it. They realize how precious and rare true connections are, and probably are very sick of being alone. Technically, it should be less complicated when both parties are over forty. But the reason humans seek each other out is the same regardless of age or generation, and that's because of the fundamental desire to connect. So, to make the most of your foray back into the dating world, I have a few tips for you Dating can be both perplexing and hair-raising. Well, here it is. If you turn up to an event or that dance class and realise that there's no 'potentials' there, instead of feeling flat use this as an opportunity to build new social links and contacts. There's also a alot more at stake in this point in your life, since, let's face it, no one's getting any younger. There are a lot of fish in the sea; don't settle for one who won't help you be the best version of you. Your goal is to find someone that fits well with you and your life. You are ready for give and take and to create a lasting relationship with someone who shares your values and interests.

Dating in my 40s

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