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Dating steiff teddy bears

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This was a short lived company; however, with the top materials used, they are still living today! The arms have a slight curve inward at the paws and four claws. He is a fully jointed teddy bear, stuffed with wood wool and made from mohair fabric. In , they moved to NJ. The best mohair was used, along with wool felt for the pads. The pads are an acrylic felt, with the claws done into the pads. Since , the pads of the bears have been made with jersey knit cloth. His condition is quite good, being an antique, with only slight wear. It tells of his soft, comical or even untamed, wild, role models in nature. The ears are located more to the side, helping to date him. Stieff Bears are very collectable and can fetch huge amounts. The dealer I got him from said she thought he was filled from some kind of straw material.

Dating steiff teddy bears

Meeting new faces, in teddy bear form, and sharing the knowledge I have gathered, will be a joy. The most common materials used in Steiff toys are alpaca, felt, mohair, and woven plush. The eyes are shoe buttons, pads are tan wool felt with an under layer of a black felt. What about toy safety? It dates to the s with the brown mohair and large ears, five way jointed and contrasting tan velveteen pads. Eyes don't feel like glass. These Steiff bears also had voice boxes. Steiff showed its first animals with movable limbs at the Leipzig spring trade fair of Since , the pads of the bears have been made with jersey knit cloth. It tells of the moment in which it received its unmistakable character — the loving, intricate handicraft with which its realistic-looking eyes are applied and the friendly facial features that are the result when the nose, mouth and claws are stitched by hand. They were also made of mohair and a synthetic fur. Over one hundred years ago, the founder of Steiff, Margarete Steiff, was dedicated to doing justice to her personal credo and later Steiff basic principle in all areas of the company. The president failed to make a kill and so his hosts caught a bear, presenting it to him as a target. It tells of his soft, comical or even untamed, wild, role models in nature. I am attaching pics. The Mecki and Micki date to the s, according to the chest tag logo. Hi Brenda, I have had a white and black tagged 18" large Steiff Teddy bear for over 20 years now and am curious about it. I think it is possible that this is a vintage Knickerbocker bear? In , the five claws were reduced to four per paw. They modernized with factory machines in Mohair is another natural fabric, but from the shaved muzzle appearance and the density of the longer fibers, the alpaca fur was chosen by the artist. I believe he is all original with no repairs. The eyes are shoe buttons, and the fur is mohair. Your teddy was constructed with great care and style! The pads are wool felt and the eyes glass. He is jointed but no growl.

Dating steiff teddy bears

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