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Dating with facial scars

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They have to because I'm "flawed. It's a reminder that we can heal no matter what happens to us. I didn't even put my hands out, just knelt on concrete. Your girlfriend looks like she was in a knife fight! I refused to wear lipstick for like five years after I cut it on the conviction that it highlighted the scar. I know that I am a survivor, that I am adaptive and that I can bend my will to accommodate the path put in front of me. I could see it was just another beautiful part of me. Scars which are very noticeable to the bearer are very often not at all noticeable to others. Now, on the off-chance that they come to my attention at all, I think they're totally badass and even kind of endearing. And you know what, although they felt pretty bummed about the scars at one time, neither of them is concerned with their scars anymore. I'm proud of my scars because they are an external reflection of my grit as an athlete. Nothing serious, but definitely noticeable in different kinds of light. To meet a fellow acne sufferer and fall madly in love.

Dating with facial scars

Yeah, no one notices, and I'll forget it's there for years at a time. I have a minor congenital facial deformity. Except, before they left the room, after they took away the mirror, under the guise of "final touches", they removed the scar. I suspect they are more worried about their own scars, or weird eye shape, or hair issues, or late rent payments or whatever. The healthy healed skin reminds me that I am beautiful and strong. It's slightly less visible when I don't have a tan. I have HUGE scars in very visible places -- just over each of my eyes, next to my mouth, a few tiny ones on my lips, and one that spans the entire width of my forehead through the eyebrows. I fell to my knees while giving someone a piggy-back ride -- and that someone happened to weigh over pounds. I'm very self-conscious of them, but behind closed doors when I see them in the mirror while I'm changing or in the shower, I really cherish them. Every single one of the students reported the people they were talking to acting weird -- not looking at their face, looking too closely at their face, etc. Tie your sneakers, kids. Do people really notice these superficial things, or am I just too focused on it? While others are far less so. When they were more pronounced post-operation, it was a reminder that something about me had needed correction, and even just that tiny differentiation in bone structure rendered me deformed. I could finally see my scar was small. If your scars are not already unnoticeable, they will be with time. Yes, sometimes I'll see a cute dress and see that it reveals some of my shoulders or back or chest, and there will be a pause. My scar represents a wound that is emotional as well as physical. Bathing suits and leotards were a nightmare for me. If by chance your scars aren't effectively invisible, you will no longer interest that sad subsection of men who insist on physical perfection in their mates, or who are so immature that they can't really hear what you say. She works on and off as a commercial model. Once one of my friends tried to color it in with a sharpie the color of my hair before I went on a date! As for the self-esteem, be aware that nothing is hotter than confidence. It's long, jagged, and the skin is a little puckered around it. Versace77 and Elisherman33 reacted to this Share this post. Below are 24 women, their scars and the stories behind them.

Dating with facial scars

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