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Elizabeth Farnum
Selected Discography

The Complete Songs for Soprano                    K. S. Sorabji               Centaur

The Haroun Songbook                               Charles Wuorinen            Albany

VOCAbuLarieS*                                     Bobby McFerrin              EmArcy  

Gloria                                            Vivaldi                     Helicon

Of Musique, Poetrie, Art and love                 Samuel Adler                Naxos

Shala Fears for the Poor                          Anthony Braxton             Tri-Centric 

Jane's Hand - the Jane Austen Songbooks           Various                     Vox Classics

Songs of Lightness and Angels                     Arnold Rosner               Albany

Ab Nou Cor                                        Frank Brickle/Cygnus        Furious Artisans
  (Merlin, Farai Un Vers)                         Ensemble

CrossCurrents                                     Dino Constantinides         North/South
  (Songs of Departure)

Vocal Works                                       Charles Wuorinen            Albany

Brion Sindbad Exiles                              Harold Meltzer              Naxos 
  (Two Songs from Silas Marner)

Creator of the Stars*                             Pomerium                    Archiv

Carnaval/Carnival*                                Raoul Pleskow               North/South
  (Chamber Setting)

Le Cirque                                         Sidney Corbett              Furious Artisans
  (Archipel Chagall II: Le Cirque)  
Siren Songs                                       Eric Moe                    Koch 

A Collection of Reflections                       Elizabeth Bell              North/South
  (Loss Songs)

Orpheus                                           Louis Karchin               Albany
  (selected songs)

Chasing Time                                      Eleanor Cory                Albany
  (Three Songs)

Depart                                            David Lang                  Cantaloupe 

Shades of Green*                                  Dorothy Papadakos           Pro Organa
(Jesus Christ the Apple Tree)

The Complete Piano Music, Volume IV               Ernesto Lecuona             Bis
  (Rhumba Rhapsody)

Chrysalid Requiem                                 Toby Twining                Cantaloupe

UltraViolette                                     Andrew Violette             Innova
  (Pistis Sophias)
Peregrinations                                    Wayne Peterson              Albany
  (Ceremony after a Fire Raid)

Sail The Soul                                     Various Liturgical          CD Baby

*  Grammy nominated
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