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Dolphin dating site software

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Your social network is actually yours. Desktop Adobe AIR cross-platform desktop app for off-browser communication and notifications. It uses a MySQL database to store information and the pro version is packed with integrated iOS and Android apps and a multitude of extensions. The screenshots below will give you a preview of how the admin demo looks like. Files Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download. Having a open source platform is like having a billion dollars in the bank. Download your copy of Dolphin Now Conclusion If you are looking to start your own Online Community, use Dolphin to get all the hard work done. Trust me I have no word to explain the outstanding work you all have done and I promise you all, the day I'll have enough money, first thing I'll do is, I'll take the paid license. Dolphin is free to download and use, but you still need a license and there different kinds of this license like Permanent, Prime and Enterprise. However, if you want something simple and doing mind having the Boonex branding, then its free for download. The website layouts is fully responsive and tap-friendly. Simple Messenger Basic text messenger for quick communication. On top of that you can deploy customisable native iOS and Android apps - universal, integrated with your site, branded as your own. Profile Customiser Personalisation of member profiles - custom backgrounds, fonts and UI elements. All design elements are optimised to adapt to any screen size right down to smartphones. Modules Mix and match site modules to create unique functionality.

Dolphin dating site software

Promote your own brand, serve your own ads, invent and add your own features, get all the money if you ever sell your site and enjoy your own success. SiteMaps are calibrated for optimal Dolphin site indexing and can be adjusted. Users can create beautiful customisable profiles, share content, repost, comment, react and create viral growth. Tools and support for every idea. Every link, image, block, feature and module can be customised, modified and re-arranged. Boonex has seriously out done themselves with this product. Blogs Personal blogs with individual categories, rich-text posting, photos and social features. Quotes Display a special block with random quotes predefined by site admin. Inlcudes pages, page blocks, SQL queries and many more. Full freedom of creation. Content Privacy System-wide privacy setting option for content posting, based on pre-defined groups or custom groups. So we can say that Dolphin has such social networking templates that are completely modified with your brand and under your full control. In this regard most of the people are of the view like web page designers and companies are launching community websites, more than ever the dating sites. Pro is infinitely extensible. All design elements are optimised to adapt to any screen size right down to smartphones. Social networking permeate through the entire community site and drive engagement. Ease of utilize Advertisements To use of this community software no any kind of expert mind required because it is easy to use. Spy Notification system integrated with other modules and displaying current activity updates to members. Dolphin gives you the opportunity to decide what your users want and to give you the pleasure of being praised by the individuals that are having fun in your network. Mobile Connector Dolphin is tightly integrated Dolphin iOS and Android apps, that can be customised, rebranded and extended with additional modules. The social networking site templates that are offered by Boonex has the capabilities of being unique to each individual network. Ads Classified ads for site members with custom categories, prices and photos. Displayed in member menu and always handy. World Map Browse site members and published content on the world map, with grouping and zooming. All the software you need to launch a world-class social network Sign Up For Free Customisable design, texts, navigation, pages, blocks, actions and permissions. What does all of this cost? Download your copy of Dolphin Now Conclusion If you are looking to start your own Online Community, use Dolphin to get all the hard work done.

Dolphin dating site software

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