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Ektron esync updating search catalogs

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Also, an error icon appears next to your templates when you open the project in Visual Studio. Ensure that all servers in the relationship have the same batchsize configured. The request failed with HTTP status Let us know if we can share how we've helped our clients achieve their digital marketing goals. If not, copy from the Windows Service config into the AppSetting not vice-versa. Y Decide which server has the correct index ie if one server has other eSync profiles that are working ok On the server that has the wrong index open the ServerInfo. From single sites, global multi-sites, and server farms, eSync provides scalable, geo-synchronization capabilities that let you easily update exactly what you want, when you want to update it. The next sections explain how to do that. After the servers are synchronized, one is the staging server, the one on which content is created or updated, then published. Wondering how your existing investment can be leveraged? Log into your Ektron server using the credentials of the service account used by Ektron Windows Service 4. ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state Restart all services Check that licenses are installed and valid Check that certificates are installed Check the WSPath is correct and acccessble Compare the EncodedValue setting in the web. And you can automatically generate personalized product recommendations based on behavioral data, freeing you from the need to build and maintain multiple rules. Choose the time zone from which to convert data. The above relationship also supports separate site and database servers.

Ektron esync updating search catalogs

After upgrade, Ektron does not load properly. Synchronizing a local server with a remote server Scenario 2: You can also create and enrich new product ranges instantly and showcase your products through different experiences. As an alternative, you could have a separate server for each production database, with all sites on one production server. To remove the error message, open up your site's. In later versions, metadata is applied to each folder individually. After the you complete the initial and template syncs explained in this chapter, the 2 sites are mirror images of each other. One dev, one staging, one production site, one production DB server Relationship 4: When viewing a page containing Ektron server controls or API calls, the page returns a fatal error Compiler failed with Error Code Choose the time zone from which to convert data. Relationship 4 plus pre-production server Relationship 5: Ektron Windows Services stop and restart at this point. If the names do not match, the links break. Begin to install the first site. Check the radio button next to Generate Certificates. Every server in a sync relationship is assigned a unique number. Multiply that number by 1 trillion to get the largest ID number which that server can assign. The website on each machine should have an AppSetting setting called EncodedValue this should be identical to the value stored within the Service Config file for the same machine. In the Web Site Description drop-down, select the first site. If you have multiple development servers, eSync can create a copy of the live site to work with. The remote server returned an unexpected response: Max index do not match. For example, since membership users created on a production server have a different ID number range from those created on the staging server, eSync does not overwrite them. In this case, the error can be resolved by correcting the database settings in web. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. If you did not run the database upgrade or language update during the installation, you need to do it manually.

Ektron esync updating search catalogs

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