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Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

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Here is a list of valid column names for each type of activity: Click the 'save' button and wait a few seconds to make sure that the 'enabled' check box stays checked. Drag the plugin from the MAC. NOTE 2 If you have a custom installation, you will need to put the plug-in on the host where the web publishing engine is installed. The 2 hour time limit will reset every time you relaunch FileMaker. This file includes pre-configured plugin files which you can place on your server, and an AutoUpdate script for each of our plugins which you can paste into your own solution. This happens automatically when CMQueueMessage is called, but it's a good idea to always call this function before starting a new batch of recipients, just to make sure that you're not appending to some previous unsent email list. First, it's hard to read. The default behavior is for auto-commit to be enabled, which causes each query to be executed as its own transaction. If the jdbcNextRow function has not been called yet, this will automatically advance to the first row of the result set. For a guide to getting started with CloudMail, go to the CloudMail documentation wiki. You can not easily see if a Mac OS plug-in is bit compatible. Restart FileMaker Web Publishing, and then you can then test a script that contains a plug-in and see if it returns the correct values. For Mac, the single plug-in file in the MAC directory contains both bit and bit versions.

Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

Before executing a query, you must: If it does not, then there was an error loading the plugin and you should contact us for help troubleshooting. Troi Plug-ins create two separate log files, one for server-side and one for web-side. Using FileMaker merge fields in queries mac-only The above example has a few drawbacks. When you run server-side ScriptMaker scripts the functions of Troi plug-ins can also be used in these scripts. Transaction support If you are using the JDBC plugin to connect to a database which has transaction support, you can turn off auto-commit mode when connecting to the database. Alternately, you can use the registration function to register the plugin during a startup script. Run this script from EasyInstallTroiPlugins: Feedback We love to hear your suggestions for improving our products! Demo mode and Registering the plugin Plugins will run in demo mode until they are registered. A future update to the plug-in will support scheduled e-mail delivery. This ensures that all steps are successful. You may leave this empty to send a plain text only message, but CloudMail will not be able to tell whether an e-mail was viewed. Requirements FileMaker version 12 or higher. You may use the jdbcNextRow function to read data from multiple rows. This name or ID will be stamped on all activity results. The easiest way to test whether the plugin is working is to call the version function of the plugin, and display that on an IWP layout. Demo mode and Registering the plugin Plugins will run in demo mode until they are registered. If it shows "? Restart FileMaker Web Publishing, and now the plugins should be ready to go. Note the use of single-quotes to escape the value of the name field. On Mac OS you can find the two logs here: This will ensure that you do not get demo mode errors. This list will be cleared out after CMQueueMessage runs. This makes it easy to see what went wrong. If you decide to call plugin functions in a calculation dialog and you want to capture errors, see this page page for instruction on how to do so Examples Works CloudMail is a plug-in for sending outbound e-mail messages and monitoring e-mail interactions using Amazon Web Services. You will need to call the register function at the beginning of any script that is going to call plugin functions.

Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

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