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Hermione granger and ron weasley dating fanfiction

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Even Harry's joining the party! Then, another group of unpleasant presence appeared at their table: So I'll see you later. At long last, the couple broke apart. Perhaps Bill would like some for…" "I'm sorry I was rude," Ron interrupted hastily. Then Hermione and Ron turned very red. It's the first chapter so be easy on me. It was like The Yule Ball all over again. Zabini was so surprised to have been caught when Draco had not glanced up from the potions book he was reading, that he almost fell off his chair. We wanted you to stop fighting and make up. There were cute little tarts with strawberry jam in and sandwiches with lots of different fillings and many other lovely items.

Hermione granger and ron weasley dating fanfiction

There growing magically in the doorframe was a sprig of mistletoe. Draco followed Blaise's line of sight and saw Harry Potter showing Granger how to stay on his new broomstick. Of course you don't care about them at all. He also hated blood traitors almost as much as Draco did. I will protect them. I've never been more nervous in my life. Hermione turned to stare at him. That year, Ron Weasley had begun dating classmate Lavender Brown. Looks like you're set because nobody will ever fall in love with you. Their clothes were see through, their hair was soaked, Hermione's make-up had ran, but neither of them cared. I can see why Lavender was so clingy, she thought dazedly. Would you like them, Harry? Ron could feel Hermione's lips form a smile. It said that it calms their mood, making them become more comfortable about each other. It made everything awkward: There were rumours that they both still loved each other intensely and Draco knew as a fact that she still was not over the weasel as he had often seen her crying in the library, clutching at a small, what Draco guessed as a travel-size, newly-acquired pensieve, sentimentally lost in her memories with him. Uprising by Loony reviews Everyone believed him dead. What is he talking about? What is it that you love about that man? Then, another group of unpleasant presence appeared at their table: Hermione whispered into Ron's ear "I loved you for a long time. Weasley chipped in, adding a gold coin of his own. But despite the bitter emotions in the school every student was relieving their stress from studying except for one Gryffindor girl, Hermione Ganger. Draco just sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. He clapped his hand over his mouth, realizing what he had just said. They were roaring with laughter as Ron tripped over a rock and fell full on into the water. And both of them are done with Ron Weasley by her side.

Hermione granger and ron weasley dating fanfiction

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