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How to give a woman great oral sex

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Check out the rest of Dr. Both are good, and a combination is even better. Although there is quite a bit of variation from woman to woman as to what they like and what their preferences are, there are some guidelines that a person can follow to maximize the oral sex experience for their partner. Some women cannot tolerate direct contact with their clitoris and need to have the area pretty wet for it to be comfortable. Though the wanton passion may represent your carnal desire, bear in mind that your partner may be moving at a different pace. Because good oral sex means spending a little time downstairs, make sure to find yourself a comfortable position that you can maintain for at least ten minutes. By starting slow and switching up the intensity from high to low, and low to high, you create sexual tension, which eventually spills over in the form of orgasm s. This is a big mistake and in my opinion quite selfish. In my research for this article, it turns out that a lot of i. Playing with differences in speed and pressure will give her stronger and often multiple orgasms. Consider it a small sacrifice. Stroke the legs and bulbs of her clitoris.

How to give a woman great oral sex

From lying down to sitting up, 69, or even sideways resting your head on her inner thigh helps deal with neck ache. This leaves room for you to build the intensity and experience, much like a musician. You need to start out slowly. Change things up with these suggestions: If the position she prefers is too hard on your neck, try lifting her hips up by placing a pillow underneath them, or by having her on her side and resting your head on the inside of her thigh. You want to use the full part of your tongue at first, maybe moving to the tip later. The tendency most men have while licking is to clench up, which is what causes most guys to quickly burn out and not make it to the payoff. That depends on the girl. He explores the finer details of what really makes great oral sex, and gives you lots of great ideas and techniques to try. A good example to follow is thinking about how you would lick an ice-cream cone. For that reason, it is always best to start giving a woman oral sex slowly and softly. All my favourite songs build slowly, rising and falling, adding more elements along the way, until they finally explode in flourishing sonic orgasm. Kiss, lick and tease her thighs and the sides of her pussy. Where does that leave you? The best is when you can let yourself go and really eat her out. Any hesitation or anxiety may be interpreted negatively by your partner and can be a source of distraction or turn off. This is a big mistake and in my opinion quite selfish. How long do you need to go for? Give her a hummer. Above all else, listen to her and enjoy yourself. This is also less tiring, so you can go on for a longer period of time. Alternatively, try putting a pillow under her butt to raise the area slightly. Start your tongue action, and see what kind of movement elicits moans of pleasure, then stick to that one for a while. If a man has not had a shave in over 8 hours, his razor stubble could approximate the grain of grit sandpaper, which is pretty abrasive. If you cramp up easily, you may have a lot of stored jaw tension that you need to release. Open your mouth as wide as you can and press it against her vulva. Try matching pace and pressure with your fingers and tongue and then contrasting slow, firm strokes with your fingers and rapid flicks of the tongue.

How to give a woman great oral sex

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