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How to handle intimidating people

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Being assertive can feel a whole lot less overwhelming when you start small. The first rule of thumb in the face of a difficult person is to keep your cool. Respond to those cues and ask yourself how you can serve them with compassion and genuineness. Is this what you want? The feeling of intimidation can make you mentally choke, leaving you at a loss for words that makes you feel even worse. Identify the Source of Your Intimidation Start by looking within. Prepare for the Encounter Get yourself in the right headspace for the interaction. Because all of us, no matter our differences, just want to feel heard. A simple and powerful way to change this dynamic is to put the spotlight back on the difficult person, and the easiest way to do so is to ask questions. Standing proud and tall communicates to the intimidating person that you can't be pushed around, that you're sure of yourself. Trying to be perfect is often a protection most people have against the outer world to cover up for any insecurities they might have.

How to handle intimidating people

People can be intimidated for many reasons, such as reputation, body and verbal language, unpredictability, reputation or uncertainty about the value they have to the other person. You have the right to create your own happy and healthy life. At the same time, firmness within truthful I statements tells the intimidating person that you have strength of your own. Inside Our Hidden World, in spring You have the right to take care of and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally or emotionally. Plan out what you want to say. You and the intimidating person cannot possibly have the exact same skills, personality, background, goals or biology. You have the right to get what you pay for. What unique power and talents do you bring to the table? They protect themselves below their perfect surface — and the price they pay is becoming less approachable and that means less high-quality relationships. It's not, however, something you have to suffer by default. What is it about this person that induces fear? We compare ourselves to others all the time because we get a feeling of safety and security when we know we're just as good as--if not better than--someone else. Hiding or avoiding never actually solves the problem. In conclusion, to know how to handle aggressive, intimidating, and controlling people is to truly master the art of communication. Get to know and try to understand that person. And when we act from our most honest, sincere place, life becomes more meaningful and satisfying. Identify the Source of Your Intimidation Start by looking within. Be firm and direct. And like learning any skill, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Few walk around in life trying to intimidate others. That is, we can change our perception of the person, so we no longer feel intimidated by them. WandaThibodeaux Intimidation has a way of stunting you, both professionally and in terms of personal growth. If you can be assertive in these smaller situations, you'll reassure yourself you can stand up for yourself. You don't have to come up with a script you'll repeat word for word, especially because you have to respond naturally to whatever the other person says back. Maybe the person at the drive-thru didn't put the extra pickles on your sandwich.

How to handle intimidating people

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