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Karan patel and divyanka tripathi dating

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He thought we both would be very compatible and are meant for each other. This is why it was kept under wraps". An actor's life is not easy, we have heard people saying this a number of times. He added, "Sadly, there was a lot of negativity, people were calling us names, which was disheartening. Them telling someone else hypocrite proves how much hypocrite actually they are!! The expression of love differs. At times, we just look at each other and keep staring". FYI, he was the one telling this mostly that he and she are not dating. That is our romance. Your most memorable date: It was Pankaj who felt that Divyanka and their co-star, Vivek Dahiya — who had recently joined the cast — were made for each other. Romance is not about the setting, it's about communicating".

Karan patel and divyanka tripathi dating

What would the some people call such men? We always sort out our issues amicably and that helps. We hope to see you guys insanely in love forever! He said, "I am more romantic than her. So if the male lead Karan Patel found his perfect match in the real life daughter of his onscreen father-in-law Abhay Bhargav; then the female lead, Divyanka Tripathi was helped to find her partner by her brother-in-law in the show, Pankaj Bhatia. I think we are quite romantic in our own ways. Kashmir and San Francisco. It was instant and spontaneous. We were two people exploring the fact that whether we were compatible enough to settle into the institution of marriage". FYI, he was the one telling this mostly that he and she are not dating. I really thought this was the best gift I could give her on her birthday. While Divyanka has already laid special rules to be followed during filming of such scenes, Karan's wife will hover around the sets and keep an eye on the shooting of the intimate scenes. He wrote a romantic poem for me and even created a special photo frame. Rapid fire Endearing nicknames for each other: Depending on the situation, we both play the peacemaker from time to time. I felt like a princess from a fairy tale. He proposed to me on December It was our common friend and co-star Pankaj who told us that we are both very similar, and to see if things would click between us. Was the transition from being lovers to becoming life partners smooth? Vivek clears the rumours of them dating, saying,"We were not dating each other. Speaking further, Vivek mentions that he is lucky to have found the love of his life in Divyanka. As I said, some people are only seen commenting on or interested in Divyanka for bashing her on the basis of their assumptions, not on the basis of truth. What was the moment like, when the two of you decided to get married? Never fight with or disrespect your partner in front of other people. When I met her for the first time, she was very sweet to me.

Karan patel and divyanka tripathi dating

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