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My father dating girl my age

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While it was gross of him to fuck the babysitter, being with a 36 year old has nothing to do with that. The plus, is that I'm actually getting closer to my father. You don't say how long you've known about it, but give it time. You're going to, to a certain degree, have right of refusal on his mates if they get serious and I don't think you have to be so reticent about expressing your approval or disapproval with him. You're either lying to him, or to both of you, but you are lying. You want your dad to be happy, but you also want things to be going at a pace you're comfortable with, and six months into a relationship is not something you're comfortable with. Absent any evidence your father is in a relationship which is harmful to anything other than your sense of proprietry, you need to get over yourself. In the meantime, try not to burn any bridges. My dad is 25 years older than I am and has dated women my age, or within a few years of my age in either direction, on many occasions. Let them know how you feel, but also try to approach with some understanding. My father says that she's incredibly mature for her age, they are "somewhat serious" his words , and age is just a number. We started dating when I was 22, so he was double my age in the start. That can be their problem rather than yours. Deal with it like an adult.

My father dating girl my age

We are both older than this girl. While I think she came close to disowning him entirely, she decided she still wanted her father in her life, even if he was not the kind of father she wanted or necessarily even the kind of man she could respect. Have you noticed how uncomfortable things are between you? You may want to consider what you would think if you fell in love with a perfectly charming year-old gentleman and your father told you that your relationship creeped him out. Perhaps this woman reminds him of simpler, happier, more energetic times, and he wants to recapture it through her. He actually started a new relationship in the midst of breaking up with his partner of 24 years. Or it could be terrible. Or as usual what Miko said. Though at times you may be feeling like more of the adult in the relationship, the fact is that your parents cannot be grounded. Your dad was distraught over his divorce. Quit looking for trouble. And fwiw, this seems to just be the way men roll at his age. Have they already done so? I really, really want to be happy for him, but I just can't shake how squicked out I am by this. More parents of adult children are dating, and marrying, partners who are as young as or even younger than their adult children. I'd probably be tempted to respond in the snidest, snottiest way I could, but obviously that's a terrible idea. Don't conflate the two. In the meantime, try not to burn any bridges. That's all I have to say about it. My father says that she's incredibly mature for her age, they are "somewhat serious" his words , and age is just a number. So how does this apply in your situation? No, strike that--retract your judgment of her, since you seem to have done so already. And you know what? Many consider peers as being in one's same "pool" for socialising, networking, and relationships. You recovered from realizing your father was human, and flawed like all other humans, and here you feel you may be forced to face that again. This is Thanksgiving time. And he seems to be very appreciative of it right now.

My father dating girl my age

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