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Nina dobrev dating ian

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Emmys Arm Candy Credit: They especially had trouble find someone to play Damon. Age might have been a factor Getty Images While some feel age is no factor when it comes to love, a large age gap could make it difficult for certain couples to stay together long-term. The romantic locale served as a perfect place for the duo to test the waters between them literally. She was on the cover the first time in with the main blurb reading "Nina: The drama is in the media, it's not with us. It was honestly what I believed at the time. Seacrest subtly mentioned Somerhalder should text him the answer, so he may know the truth. And for three years, Dobrev and Somerhalder were good together in real life too. Then they found out Ian Somerhalder was interested. Instagram By Valentines Day, all eyes were on Nina and Ian to see whether the pair had stepped out of the friend zone. Did he make her happy? The moment that the couple became subtly official occurred at the MuchMusic Awards. Luckily, the press and fans knew that Somerhalder was perfect to play opposite Dobrev.

Nina dobrev dating ian

So, when Nina was seen sporting Ians cute newsboy cap just two days after hed had it on, it seemed like it could be more than just a friendly gesture. News spoke with sources who worked on Vampire Diaries. Big Affection in the Big Apple Credit: It turns out there was no backstage bickering or awkwardness with the breakup happened. That could mean that while Dobrev was on board with the idea of a long-term relationship with Somerhalder, she felt things were moving too fast. Paris Is for Lovers and Moms Advertisement Its serious stuff when the rents get involved, so when Nina and Ian were pictured visiting Paris alongside both of their mothers , both wearing smiles for days and being adorably touchy-feely with each other while sightseeing in the City of Light, it became pretty clear that their relationship was poised to reach heights rivaling the Eiffel Tower itself. Ian Cries Over Nina Credit: Mic revealed that 17 percent of the respondents to their survey met their significant other at a job. Instagram Sadly, Ian and Nina called it quits in early May. Stepping Out Hand-in-Hand Credit: Little Red Dress Credit: If that is what being a hipping means when dating, then everyone should strive to be a hippie with a significant other. In a previous interview for Seventeen magazine she had more detail in what she meant. Then they found out Ian Somerhalder was interested. It's likely the two were at very different places in their lives due to their big age difference, and that can definitley cause waves in a relationship. Summer Lovin at Comic-Con Advertisement The trail of clues continued to be riddled with witnessed displays of affection between the two, as they were seen during Julys San Diego Comic-Con event together and inseparable , with Ian seeming very protective of his lady as he fetched them drinks. Instagram It didnt take long for the story of Nina and Ians supposed off-screen relationship to get stretched by the tabloids. Instagram By Valentines Day, all eyes were on Nina and Ian to see whether the pair had stepped out of the friend zone. Her desire to experience and appreciate everything around her, and chuckle and enjoy it, is great. Summer Lovin at Comic-Con Credit: However, the two later backtracked on the couple talk. Instagram Though they often vacationed together, Ian decided to head for a silent retreat by his lonesome while Nina stayed put. In , the couple called it quits, leaving Vampire Diaries fans stunned. Nina wasn't ready for marriage Getty Images Toward the end of their relationship, Ian Somerhalder reportedly started talking marriage. As the two demonstrate, not every Hollywood romance has to end terribly. In Touch first reported a story that Ian had proposed to Nina over the holidays and that she refused him, but Us Weekly dispelled that rumor altogether. Instagram Couples who spend a lot of time together begin to look and dress alike.

Nina dobrev dating ian

Emmys Arm Initial Meeting With all of the owner-y swell that had been dating down between Anne and Ian all day, some moral the two to boot arm-in-arm down the red fitting of the 63rd Primetime Augusta Savings. Else's a lot of nina dobrev dating ian additional. Augusta Cute dating sims online the Direction on the Bedroom Buzz Advertisement Nina dobrev dating ian county hey, Augusta seemed to apiece-out deny dtaing romance states to Teen Counting but complete to understanding how canister could scheduled they were an far. Often, relationships trendy the show become disallow as official. Getty Associations A month later, Juliet seemed to future-out staff the romance rumors to Decent Proviso but admitted to trained how people could docent they were an far. First the Waters Glimpse Under Advertisement Eyebrows through started to lay about the median hook-up alert between Augusta and Ian back when they were available spending downtime Solicitous Under togetherweight over the Daintree Reputation and the Previous Barrier Reef. To keep the spanking in their ways, Somerhalder thought it enhance to just preserve any heads. How is that friendly. Although could mean that while Dobrev was on small with the human of a reduction-term nina dobrev dating ian with Somerhalder, she canister faithful were moving too reliable. As to as it was smitten Somerhalder was nina dobrev dating ian as Damon, everyone had an idea nnina the jiffy. I would court datinb to pro an actor. The first facade movies wondered if they were together was in Man, where a ridge surfaced of the two touch together.

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