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Opi dating a royal swatch

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I'm getting mystery and sophistication here. February 19, Spring Comparisons: No dupes here unfortunately, Budding Romance is much more of a jelly finish and it's more yellow toned. They all applied smooth and even with a glossy finish. Where is much more red even though it's leaning orange in the photo , it also has no shimmer. I don't like gold polish and I like all 3 of these haha. I think High On Hope is the more unique polish of the 2! Do you need all 3? If you could only get one I'd go with Neely, the formula is much better. Here is a whole ton of blues for you, I did do these all on the nail but again my camera was like NOPE.

Opi dating a royal swatch

Do you need both? Where did this undying love for cremes come from? Alright, now here is another that is hard to photograph, this post No dupes here either, Lime Cooler is more yellow toned and a lot brighter compared to Coachella Dweller. Shawn is a lot darker and more green. Whew, well I hope that was helpful for you guys and answered some questions about dupes! With the other 2 polishes here there are no dupes either, Keep Calm, Paint On is more blue toned and it's also a shimmer and Re-Fresh Mint is a lot brighter than all the other polishes. I used 2 coats of Hectic and 3 of Budding Romance for the photos below. They look closer in the photo than they are IRL. Do you know I got it by accident? I don't like gold polish and I like all 3 of these haha. Just take a look at those swatches - we have in sunlight and in natural light. I figured, what could Suzi and her crew possibly come up with that would be fresh and new? I have a small story to share about this polish. No dupes here either, Elaine is darker and looks very brown toned when it's next to the other polishes. I so wish I could pull it off though because I love seeing the reactions I get to wearing totally odd colors. Instead I ended up looking like the disembodied fingers that were put on ice during an episode of Dexter. I was on the hunt for O. Where is much more red even though it's leaning orange in the photo , it also has no shimmer. It's weird how it's easy to photograph all of these on their own but when you put them next to each other on the nail you have issues, maybe it's just me? Pedal Faster Suzi is quite a few shades darker and not quite as shimmery. Which is why the best things in life often come to you by sheer chance. Apologies for the bottle shot of these ones, I couldn't get a color accurate photo of them on the nail for some reason. I almost rage quit these comparisons a few times, no lies. But I didn't want it to turn into a proper ombre manicure so I put the lighter polishes in the middle of the nails rather than at the tips. Since I'm travelling locally from Saturday to the following Thursday, it will have to be Blogger schedule for the rest.

Opi dating a royal swatch

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