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Risks of dating someone with hep c

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Because it opens up the possibility of rejection, revealing Hepatitis C is not typically on the agenda for a first or second date. It is important to share only when you feel comfortable and to do so with all of the information ready to discuss. Sharing it with another person can be stressful. Dating during treatment Is it possible to maintain a relationship during your hepatitis C treatment? Public Health may keep a record or database of people who have been infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis C. When you apply for various types of insurance coverage including health insurance you may be asked to provide personal health information so that the insurance company can determine whether you are eligible for insurance and how much it will cost to get insurance. You may feel more comfortable having a medical professional with you to help inform your partner. Dating with Hepatitis C: Once you recognize the time is right to talk about this, it may be a difficult conversation to begin. Be honest with your partner about your energy levels and why they may fluctuate. Not sharing Hepatitis C status will feel like a breach of trust and put a potentially healthy union in jeopardy. Not all insurance policies require that you provide medical information in order to become insured. Hepatitis C virus infection:

Risks of dating someone with hep c

Retrieved 30 October , from http: A few years ago, I found out I have Hepatitis C. In fact, the CDC considers the risk of sexual transmission between monogamous couples so low that it doesn't even recommend using condoms. Don't share razors, toothbrushes , nail clippers, or anything else that could have your blood on it. The primary concern is contracting HCV. Yes, you can maintain a relationship during your HCV treatment. Policies that insure large groups of people, like insurance benefits that come with a job, often do not require this type of information. When to Tell Often, people do not know what hepatitis C is or what it means when someone says they have it. Hepatitis C is a reportable disease. Perhaps the one nice part about it is that you typically know that everyone who is dating is generally in the same boat of anxiety, worry, and wondering what to wear. Journal Of Hepatology, 31, Although they may ask these questions, you can always tell them that you prefer not to answer, however doing so may make it difficult for them to truly understand your experience and what you want them to know. Rather than refusing to answer a question, you may find it better to ask why they are asking, so you can understand what their thoughts are and address them, even if you choose to do so without sharing information you may prefer to keep to yourself. When untreated, HCV can ultimately cause severe health issues, including cirrhosis and death. For more information on the sexual transmission of hepatitis C, see Safer Sex. This includes getting back on the social scene. Once the diagnosis is clear, the two of you can go over what it means for you, for your partner, and for the future. For the majority of people with the condition, hepatitis C is curable. Public Health may keep a record or database of people who have been infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis C. Dating with Hepatitis C: At some point, however, the connection between two people can reach a point where both know that they are interested in pursuing something more serious than simple drinks or meals together. And many public health departments and community agencies provide access to harm reduction supplies, such as sterile needles and clean mouthpieces for crack pipes. Before a judge or medical officer can make an order, he or she must be satisfied that there was a real risk of HCV transmission. It is important to remember that you may be telling someone about your diagnosis who has never heard of hepatitis C or who may think it is something very different than it actually is. You can find more information at the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Should your partner be tested? Once you recognize the time is right to talk about this, it may be a difficult conversation to begin.

Risks of dating someone with hep c

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