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Sedating my dog to cut his nails

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Just long enouch to deliver ten or so individual very-high value rewards, and by keeping it short you can ensure you end on a high note. We've tried it with and without her favorite food as a reward cheese of PB , and the vet isn't really helping. Guard your clipper hand with the comb before starting to clip his body. So, you have got his bottom legs; you are not putting any pressure on the ground. So, if you have to sedate a dog at home and you should take help of somebody for the better process, have the person who is going to cut the nails and not holding the dog. Find something your dog adores over all other things rare steak tips, cut into pieces about the size of your pinky nail, or baked chewy liver treats, or if your dog isn't food motivated, maybe she's crazy about tennis balls or playing tug with a rope toy. Just in case you have a dog that bites a lot or tries to scratch your hands which are holding his legs, you could muzzle him too. Okay, so now she loves for you to play this game where you bring out the clippers and grab her feet. The benedryl does cause some sedation in some dogs, in others it does nothing, especially if they are stimulated by something like clipping their nails. Now, you can move his feet freely, and someone else can be cutting his nails. Peter and would like to help.

Sedating my dog to cut his nails

You can try though — with extra care! You want to work in multiple but short training sessions, ideally no more than 2 or three minutes in length. If she allows you to grasp her paw for seconds, give her the treat. If she interacts positively with the clippers -- sniffs them, looks at them, etc -- give her the reward. Produce the nail clippers. Once you reach that spot, then you up the ante for her. If really really good means chasing her tennis ball, great. Keep calm and make your dog calm to get best results. Once you have the Ace this is how you do it: So, if you have to sedate a dog at home and you should take help of somebody for the better process, have the person who is going to cut the nails and not holding the dog. How to cut the nails? Put the clippers behind your back, tell her what a beautiful dog she is, then present the clippers again. Then you increase the criteria again. First of all, clipper the body, and then go for the head, ears, and neck area. They just tell me "well keep trying" and refer me back to the instruction manual they gave me on high energy dogs, but I think they just want the money for the sedation. Make him feel comfortable and confident about your next move. Most dogs are more sensitive about having their back feet held. The best time for grooming a dog is — when he is calm, not in the mood of playing, and not hungry or sleepy. How to sedate a dog at home for grooming? I am giving you some quick tips and tricks to sedate a dog at home. Now he is thoroughly restrained. Put your dog on his side and grab him around the neck. Keep up with the training until she's comfortable with you holding any of her feet. Verified Hi, I am Dr. If you grab it, they might go mad at you! Just put one arm on the back of them and hold the bottom leg, one arm on their neck, not pushing too hard.

Sedating my dog to cut his nails

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