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The art of sex coaching

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Rooted in the field of sexology, and drawing on resources from the fields of life coaching and psychotherapy, this book expands the scope of coaching and enlarges the repertoire of coaches. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered clients: Linda DeVillers offers rationale and techniques for teaching sen- suous touch as part of sex therapy, where it is too often avoided or assigned as sensate focus homework for clients to fumble through on their own. A sign that a couple is in the wrong relationship? The coach does not use pathological models. This distinguishes it from sex therapy where many therapists do not make any active suggestions and are simply there to offer a kindly ear. It was this collegial spirit that moved me to welcome the invitation to edit this issue of SRT—to offer a place for new voices along with established ones. Extraordinary sex coaching involves witnessing, educating, and supporting men, women, and trans clients in their quest for self-esteem and pleasure. Think of these practitioners as being asked to describe the proverbial elephant of sex therapy, each from a unique point of view. Healing UnRe- solved Trauma. All interweave elements of complexity, collaboration, and nuanced language. But effectiveness has been mainly for clients who present with issues that require no attention to emotional and relational complexities that accompany sexual problems. They offer clinical examples and techniques so that readers can incorporate elements of each approach into their own practices.

The art of sex coaching

Laura Doss Glowing Skin Forget your morning swipe of blush and overly expensive face serums. I was coached to follow it closely with: Patti Britton makes a clear distinction with the specific aspects of sex coaching which is one field of coaching in the area of intimacy. Keesha Ewers contributes perspectives of integrative medicine and brain research to post-traumatic dimensions of low sexual desire through her HURT model: What Is Extraordinary Sex Therapy? The first part of this book is devoted to the link between coaching and traditional psychotherapy with a particular focus on the link between sex coaching and sex therapy. Paula Hall presents her BERSC model for addressing the biological, emotional, rela- tional, social, and cultural roots of sex addiction. Researchers from Scotland have found that people who were sexually active had lower blood pressure when engaged in stress-inducing tasks, such as public speaking, with those only having sex in the last two weeks charting the lowest number. Which brings us back to our primary task: For her, extraordinary sex therapy involves increased sensory and cognitive awareness; transform- ing the relationship with self and others, connecting with subtle energies, and with God. For Patti Britton, life coaching draws the client into a privileged relationship with the coach by means of proposals for action plans multiple-action plans [MAPS]. But coaching does not aim at recovering emotions from the past. The main distinction that Patti Britton makes between coaching and psychotherapy is that the coach gives instructions, recommendations, but does not make a diagnosis of any sort. For them, extraordi- nary sex therapy is based in queer-friendly consciousness and syntax that is plural enough to welcome all genders, orientations, and varieties of relationship, no matter how creative. But there are longer-lasting beauty benefits of sex, too. This distinguishes it from sex therapy where many therapists do not make any active suggestions and are simply there to offer a kindly ear. Extraordinary sex coaching involves witnessing, educating, and supporting men, women, and trans clients in their quest for self-esteem and pleasure. He will assess, but not analyse. For her, extraordinary sex therapy includes making sure individuals and couples know how to give—and receive— intelligent touch. This exer- cise creates an informative positive container for the group and also serves to spread clini- cal expertise beyond the leader, so that from the very beginning of our training we are modeling a collaborative approach. Assessment criteria for clients and sex coaching methods 7. The range of sexual concerns is admittedly vast, well beyond the scope of these pages. Include an evening romp on your list of prep work for the night before. Leading the way by example, Britton's approach is not formulaic or based on diagnoses. Instead it teases out the artist within, encouraging coaches to adapt creatively their knowledge and skill base to their clients' needs. Active education creates active change Patti Britton and Sarah Bright introduce sex coaching as an active form of sex education. The intent of this SRT issue is to go deep and be thought-provoking and practice-oriented, rather than be broad and inclu- sive.

The art of sex coaching

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