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The hub speed dating

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Due to clearance problems, the cutaway between the splines on tooth sprockets only goes halfway through the sprocket. Low, middle unity and high ranges are selected as in the three-speed hubs, but the low and high ranges offer two speeds each. Although the most common Shimano bodies are interchangeable at the hub shell, you may have further complications due to incompatibility between your right side cone and the dustcap that comes with a replacement body. For example, if you want a 9-speed, you can start with a If you want to get finicky, you can compensate by using a wider spacer next to a narrower sprocket, or vice versa. This is explained above in the transplant section of this article. To avoid this problem, Shimano changed the spline pattern, making the aluminum spline ridges significantly taller for better support. Compound planetary gearing A planetary system may have stepped compound planet gears. A compound planet gear is two or more gears, side by side on the same axle, made in one piece so they turn at the same speed. The Sturmey-Archer fixed-gear hubs But also, Sturmey-Archer once made, and now has again introduced, a three-speed fixed-gear non-freewheeling hub. Some folks will tell you that you also need to install a longer axle when doing this, but that's not correct. The limit stops on the derailer will cause the useless position on the shifter to be locked out, so this will work as a perfectly normal 8- or 9-speed rig. Most Shimano Freehub bodies are interchangeable.

The hub speed dating

It has its own page on this site. Older internal hubs, as well as the Rohloff and the Shimano speed, use light machine oil for lubrication, keeping drag low. Shifting is by locking none, 1, 2 or all 3 of the sun gears to the axle. Dura-Ace 10 cassettes have titanium sprockets 18 teeth and larger. To remove the body, fiirst remove the axle. Many utility bicycles also have had only a coaster brake, with stopping distance twice that of a bicycle with a front brake. The same procedure works for off-brand freehubs that have a LH threaded fastener accessed from the LH side of the hub, too. On the other hand, if you use 9- or speed sprockets with built-in spacers in a 7-or 8-speed cassette, the spacing will be too narrow for the wider chains used with these sprockets. If you remove the tooth sprocket from a J, you can make it into a corncob by buying an 18 to put between the 17 and the Since the sprockets are thicker, the spacers must be thinner to maintain the correct spacing. A compound planet gear is two or more gears, side by side on the same axle, made in one piece so they turn at the same speed. The Rohloff is marketed as a replacement for a wide-range derailer system, competitive in terms of weight and efficiency, and superior in reliability. It is similar but not interchangeable between these two models. Similar modifications can be done with other ratios. It doesn't work with freehub bodies that screw directly into the hubshell. If you do re-space your hub, you'll also need to re-dish your wheel, because the extra space will all be added on the right side by installing the wider Freehub body. I put a lot of hard miles on that bike and it never gave me a lick of trouble. Three planet gears inherently share the load equally — somewhat like the legs of a three-legged stool. This is a standard spacer commonly used for fine-tuning chainline with conventional freewheels. Clean up carefully afterward so particles of metal and grinding-wheel grit don't wear out the bearings. Custom Cassettes for sale from Harris Cyclery I. Generally, the smallest sprocket needs to have a built-in spacer, designed for the top-gear position. The large end engages a second, smaller sun gear. The driver is connected to the planet cage. In other words, we know a good sex toy when we see it — or feel it, rather. Shimano uses the trademark "Hyperglide-C" to designate a system with an 11 tooth sprocket.

The hub speed dating

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