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There was a problem updating pirates of the caribbean online

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We occasionally host contests and giveaways, so keep and eye out for those! You can't do anything to kill it, no matter what you try. Gather your mates and defend Port Royal from Jolly Roger's vicious attacks! Fixed a district reset with enemy movement when a skeleton dies during an invasion. If you don't have a key, there will be a period of time to redeem any unused Beta Keys we may have laying around. Other bugs Menu lockups Sometimes when talking to an NPC , you'll choose an option, but nothing comes up. Will my pirates be wiped? Tides of War Customer Supporthttps: Players can queue solo looking for matches with other players, now more than 1v1. Don't worry, we gotcha covered. Until then, we are in Semi-Open Beta, meaning you can play the game by obtaining a Beta Key or waiting in the queue. Cleaned up the function that hides the introductory message when a match begins.

There was a problem updating pirates of the caribbean online

Players who had Beta Keys will receive a reward that will be announced later. We are going to be updating our servers to a brand new design to better serve our growing population. Once this happens, you just seem to be forever stuck with the same weapons. Run Pirates of the Caribbean on Facebook Gameroom. All pirates will remain intact. If a Guildmaster names someone new as the head of the guild, they will now step down to the rank of Co-GM instead of Officer. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer pirates over from Disney's game. Fixed an issue that prevented players from spawning together in a parlor game. Try to log in again. Ship Display If you own more than one ship and you bring up your ships to deploy one, the display window will be all messed up. Simply click one of the arrows to cycle through your ships and it will clear itself up. Spoiler This pops up because the game is taking an unusually long amount of time to connect to the game server. Also include a screenshot of the black dialog box if possible. If your internet connection is working properly and you're still receiving this error, keep pressing the "OK" button to connect again. Stay tuned to the news blog in the coming days! Previously, it was subject to abuse, with players forcing themselves back into guilds over and over. There are several things you can do to minimize your lag and make the game ultimately more enjoyable. Our original Fort Charles music from Alpha has returned! You can't get down unless you go back to your own ship. How can I begin to play? Spoiler This one is exactly what it sounds like. Invasion district reset fixes: I'd like to explain each one so that it's easier to know what the error is trying to tell you, and how to resolve it if possible. Tattoo and texture fixes: How much does it cost to play? Fixed an issue with the feedback panel that caused pop-up windows to display behind the main feedback window. If the latest post indicates that everything should be up and running, then report the error in this thread:

There was a problem updating pirates of the caribbean online

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