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Updating assembly in gac

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Tuesday, December 15, Thank you for your feedback! You have rated this topic in the last 30 days. Usage[ edit ] There are two ways to interact with the GAC: Whenever any of these are hit, Windows Installer runs the script that has built up via the previous actions. For example, if an assembly depends on another assembly that is not strongly named, it cannot be registered in the GAC. Since it is required that both be compiled to a file named AssemblyA, they cannot exist in the same directory within the FAT32 file system. NET Framework installation directory. If you want an in-place minor upgrade replace use FileVersion. Also, as you can see by the image above, using the GAC you can install multiple versions of the same assembly onto the same machine. Global Assembly Cache Tool[ edit ] gacutil.

Updating assembly in gac

As an example, it is as if the built-in RemoveFiles action where really two "custom actions", one immediate that you actually sequence and one deferred that you never see the definition of that the immediate action "calls" to cause it to be written into the script. It is sometimes necessary to use conditional compilation if some of the core. This means that using InstallExecute and InstallExecuteAgain allows you to "change" the dynamic caused by the timelag between when code can access the database and session variables and when it can change the system. The process of making an assembly "strongly named" can be quite painful in some situations. NET Framework installed — even when the application would normally run properly with the newer version. If you want to change assembly naming attributes, give it a new component guid and do a major upgrade. If you have the. So keep everything the same, use FileVersion in MsiAssemblyName as in Aaron's blog, and do an in-place replacement of the assembly. That's why file overwrite rules matter in some major and all minor upgrades, and why Aaron's blog article is relevant. NET calls used in the application are only supported for some versions of the framework. A calling application may specify a version of an assembly when referencing it, so the run-time can simply refer to the filename to use the correct one. The default location for this is C: NET assemblies, it is not easy to view the contents of it like you would be able to view the contents of a standard folder in Windows. That means that commit actions are ever only run once. Assemblies are installed by dragging and dropping and uninstalled by selecting and pressing the delete key or using the context menu. Each application that references the assembly will select the appropriate version based on internal meta-data. Usually everything between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize should eventually be "writing to the script" which means either they are marked as some sort of deferred or attempt to "do" or call an action that is marked as deferred. Thank you for your feedback! Each version can therefore exist within the same location and be called without requiring subsequent versions to preserve code entry point locations as usual. Component rules have to be followed, so you can't remove a component from a minor upgrade, and if you change an assembly naming attribute it will look like you're installing another and you'll see both there in the GAC. However, with the exception of InstallFinalize, they don't run any action marked as a "commit" action. NET Framework installation directory. If you can avoid the GAC, then do! Welcome to GAC hell. Requirements[ edit ] Assemblies residing in the GAC must adhere to a specific versioning scheme which allows for side-by-side execution of different code versions. The image below shows you how the GAC is displayed in Explorer using the extension.

Updating assembly in gac

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