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Updating the who guidelines on community noise

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This means that research should consider the dose-response relationships between sound pressure levels and politically relevant variables, such as noise-induced social handicap, reduced productivity, decreased performance in learning, workplace and school absenteeism, increased drug use and accidents. The evidence will be systematically reviewed to assess likely effects such as: A baseline survey could be undertaken in both developed and developing countries and monitoring surveys conducted every years. Development of a methodology for the environmental health impact assessment of noise that is applicable in developing as well as developed countries. Salt and Jeffery T. This can be accomplished by studying sites that provide data on remedial activities and changes in behavioral patterns among occupants. Overview of some of the academic reports on human health: For these reasons, WHO is currently engaged in the revision of all pertinent literature and will provide recommendations for the protection of public health as part of WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region. One of the sources of noise you are investigating is that from wind turbines which was not addressed in previous guidelines. A former Consultant in Sleep Disorders Medicine highlighted in his article in the issue of the British Medical Journal, amongst other warnings, the particular sleep deprivation dangers to children: We know this is highly unlikely and we anticipate novel findings in the coming years that will influence the debate. The WHO should provide leadership for programmes to assess the effectiveness of health-related noise policies and regulations.

Updating the who guidelines on community noise

Testing showed that the increase in LFN inside the home was associated with turbine operation. Development of a methodology for the environmental health impact assessment of noise that is applicable in developing as well as developed countries. Additionally, they will review the potential health benefits from noise mitigation and interventions to decrease noise levels. Studies on the perception of control of noise exposure, genetic traits, coping strategies and noise annoyance as modifiers of the effects of noise on the cardiovascular system, and as causes of variability in individual responses to noise. Medical tests showed that the people who were living inside the home had impaired brain function in relation to responding to stimuli as well as their control of breathing. Evaluation of environmental area layout, architecture and traffic planning e. We also understand that: The effect of wind turbine and hospital noise on sleep was also assessed. Governments should support more policy-relevant research into noise pollution see section 6. Governments should consider implementing action plans with short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives for reducing noise levels. The process of developing the guidelines involves the synthesis and interpretation of the available evidence by a large group of scientists from across the world under the coordination of WHO. The WHO should provide leadership and technical direction in defining future research priorities into noise. Prospective longitudinal studies of transportation noise that examine physiological measures of health, including standardized health status inventory, blood pressure, neuro-endocrine and immune function. In part, the scientific community has already addressed these issues. Despite mounting anecdotal and academic evidence, no health monitoring is underway nor mitigation against adverse health effects following the construction of wind turbines, which remains shockingly absent from planning guidelines in many European countries. The following recommendations were considered appropriate: These included references to the and Kelly evidence on wind turbine noise and infrasound, the need for regularly updating latest evidence on dose exposure and multidisciplinary acoustic and physiological research needs. The WHO should provide leadership, technical support and advice to developing countries, to facilitate the development of noise policies and noise management. Biological effects of infrasound and low-frequency noise explained by mechanotransduction cellular signalling. We are hopeful that your deliberations will result in tough new European guidelines which in turn will prompt a serious worldwide examination of all aspects of this problem, including the widely-reported effects on animals. One of the sources of noise you are investigating is that from wind turbines which was not addressed in previous guidelines. Signatories to the letter to the World Health Organisation Expert Panel revising the Environmental Noise guidelines include the following health professionals and scientists: Other issues considered were priority setting in noise management; quality assurance plans; and the cost-efficiency of control actions. Procedures for evaluating the various health effects of complex combined noise exposures over 24 hours on vulnerable groups and on the general population. A small number of standard questions could be used across countries to obtain comparative data on the impact of all the main types of noise pollution. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 52 3 , Sleep disturbance may be a particular problem in children, and it may have important implications for public health.

Updating the who guidelines on community noise

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