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Elizabeth Farnum
Vox n Plux
Vox n Plux from L. to R.: Oren
                Fader, Eiizabeth Farnum, Bill Anderson
Vox n Plux
(left to right)
Oren Fader, Elizabeth Farnum,
Bill Anderson

Vox n Plux is a trio consisting of Elizabeth Farnum with two guitarists (William Anderson and Oren Fader).  Ms. Farnum has been performing and recording with William and Oren for 2 decades as a guest artist of the two-guitar based Cygnus Ensemble.  In 2013, she asked them to join her and form a trio, and since then they have been heard in concerts in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii and other states.


Vox n Plux specializes in contemporary music, especially the work of American composers, and also performs music by the early masters (Monteverdi, Dowland, Bach).  Composers who have written pieces specifically for the group include Harold Meltzer, Laurie San Martin, Frank Brickle, Jonathan Dawe and Stephen Blumberg, among many others.


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