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Weather app on htc desire not updating

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Today, we carry all of this media in our back pocket in the form of our smartphones, yet something as primitive and primal as our need to know the weather is still of utmost importance. You can see the high, lows, and conditions for the next 3 half days. As you can see on the settings screen on the right, you can also show how much battery charge is left in percent, the moon phase, sunrise and sunset, how many minutes between updates, and a couple other options. Port Hawkesbury is about 45km away from where I work, across the causeway on Cape Breton Island, so the local weather can be considerably different. Every day I check the weather on my G1 and I have used almost every weather application in the Android Market. Areas they are lacking: The interface is designed well for the mobile platform and they include some features that no one else has. The temperature is handily displayed on the left half of the widget and a two-day forecast is shown on the right half. Drop a comment or two. The Take Away Both apps do the same basic job of informing me about the weather, however, 3D Weather widget adds a few other one-touch controls that free up space on my home screen for other priority apps. However, there is a newer version of AccuWeather. Would you sacrifice accuracy for screen real estate like I would? Neither the town I work in, nor the town I live in is available in the list. The visual appeal of the widget is apparent, with a nice background image that gives us our first visual clue about the weather and large numbers to let us know the time and date.

Weather app on htc desire not updating

MyMobiler is also a little tricky to set up on the computer. Probably more information than one really needs, except in the event of a weather emergency. In the Settings area, you can set what happens if you touch on the hours, or the minutes. If they add loops in a future release and improve the performance, I might be able to use it exclusively. Living in a Maritime province, the weather can turn deadly rather quickly, or beyond beautiful in a moment. This is the function that was not working in the AccuWeather. Currently, I use The Weather Channel for all my forecast information. There is no website for the development of the app, but if you send an email to the developer you can get a response. I keep this app installed just for this feature alone. Motion Gestures - When you are in a city page, any finger gesture to the right or left will change the city you are viewing. I can easily click each one to get more details 10 Day Forecast - This is the longest forecast I have seen. Each app has its own unique features and I have to rely on multiple programs to meet my demands. Of course, you can choose from which town to draw weather information. So while the perfect app does not exist yet, I am more than satisfied with what is available to me. Knowing what the weather will be like has won and lost wars, made and lost fortunes, and caused many a person to show up at work soggy, late, or both. Video - Each morning in bed I can watch a video forecast for my area. Same goes for a lot of other stories as well. When you tap on the widget, the full application opens up first showing you the weather Now. Two things I want you to note are: Does it serve your region of the world well? No Radar Loops - There currently are no loops offered for the map layers. Port Hawkesbury is about 45km away from where I work, across the causeway on Cape Breton Island, so the local weather can be considerably different. If you are not looking for all the extra features, I would suggest this app. Either the map won't load or the application is sluggish and force closes. I hate driving in the rain and it has helped me avoid some big storm cells.

Weather app on htc desire not updating

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